Don't fall Victim to Cheap Land for Sale! What to Know Before you Buy!

Buying cheap land for sale can be a great investment, but there are many factors to take into consideration before purchasing a piece of property or foreclosed land to build, invest, or develop.  Knowing and researching the land you are preparing to purchase is key to making a wise investment.  Here are some ideas from the sales team to make your Port Charlotte land sale a pain free investment!

Look at the Land:  Nothing will clear up your ideas about what kind of cheap land for sale you want to purchase better than actually looking at some properties.  You'll immediately realize what appeals to you, and what you don't want.  Be sure to walk the property, take photos, find the property boundaries, and investigate things like structures or creeks or wells.  Also, look for any structures on the property or on a neighbor's property that cross the property line.  Check if there are any roads or easements that neighbors use to gain access to their property or that you'll use to get to your property.

Camp the Night on the Property:  This will give you the best idea of the daily rhythm of the area, and neighbors, and traffic.  If after 24 hours your enthusiasm for the place has waned, imagine being there for 24 years.  You've got to be absolutely in love with the property, and then some, before you're ready to buy.

Meet the neighbors:   Just knock on people's doors and ask them questions; about the area, the property you're interested in, its history, etc.  Neighbors will be an invaluable source of information.  Remember that you will live beside them if you buy, so make sure you can tolerate them for an afternoon chat.

Verify the area of the property:  Usually you're paying by the acre, so if the acreage is overstated by 20 percent you're paying 20 percent more than needed.  Many people from cities assume that property lines run perpendicular to the road and follow stone walls, but this is generally not the case.  In fact, "dog legs" and other bizarre divisions of property are commonplace.   Ask the developer for a survey, or hire a surveyor.

Using the above tips will help any property buyer ensure that the cheap land for sale they are interested in buying is in fact a good investment decision.  Learning about the cheap land to buy in-depth, before the purchase, will ensure that you aren’t handed any surprise situations once the ink has dried on your land deed.  To learn more about buying cheap land for sale contact a qualified member of the sales team at (239) 333-2221.

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