I've Found Cheap Land to Buy, But Now What?

You’ve located the perfect parcel of cheap land to buy.  You’ve talked with the seller, researched and verified pertinent information about the land and have decided that this is the perfect lot for your home building or investment needs.  Many land buyers get to this point in the land buying process and wonder “What’s next?”.  Using the below tips developed by the Zadooland.com sales team will help you walk through the rest of the sales process with ease especially if you are searching for Lehigh Acres FL real estate.

#1:  Make an Offer:  Offer the lowest possible amount for the land that won't be taken as an insult.  The lower you go, the more bargaining leverage you have if the seller counteroffers on the property in Florida to buy.  Properties typically sell for 85 percent of the original asking value.  That doesn't mean you couldn't get it for less, but certainly don't pay more. You can't get attached and feel desperate.  You have to be willing to walk away from the property.  Remember there are thousands of other parcels out there!  The value of land is arbitrary and your goal should be to pay the minimum.  This way you have cash to actually develop it!

#2:  Keep Negotiating:  If the seller counteroffers, counteroffer yourself, and expect to meet somewhere in the middle.

#3:  Prepare a Contract:  If you are looking for cheap land to buy you are most likely a buyer on a budget so preparing your own contract can be a great way to help keep your overall cost down.  Be sure to hire a third party to go over the contract and make sure everything is right.  This is especially important with owner financing situations and when purchasing investment real estate.

#4:  Follow up on any Contingencies:  This includes things such as a title check, well inspection, etc.  If everything checks out you're ready to close and the property is yours!

Cheap land to buy has its ups and downs, but using the provided tips will help buyers work through the process and make a wise investment decision.  To learn more about preparing contracts and buying cheap land for sale contact an expert member of the Zadooland.com Land Sales Team by calling (239) 333-2221. 

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