Buying FL Land for Sale through Owner Financing

For many buying land through owner financing may be the best option to pursue when purchasing FL land for sale. Buying land with owner financing can be an especially promising plan during tough economic times when conventional financing from a bank or other financial institutions may be difficult to procure.  Many owner financing options are available especially with the Port Charlotte land market. 

Buying land from a bank can be quite difficult in some cases of Florida land sales. Meeting a lending institution's requirements about credit history and score, debt to income ratios and employment records can prove to be an arduous task for many potential land buyers.

Many banks require that vacant land meet some minimum requirements before qualifying for financing. Prerequisites that land come equipped with a well or other established water/sewage service, or that electricity is easily accessible, may serve as roadblocks to conventional financing. Banks may also balk at providing loans for land that requires extensive upgrading, is located in a rural area, or does not meet bank loan size requirements, propelling potential buyers to seek out owner financing.

Owner financing means the seller of a property finances all (or a portion of) the sale of the FL land for sale. The ability to save thousands of dollars in closing costs that are not charged and the flexibility in negotiating a down payment amount makes owner financing appeal to many buyers. An owner-financed land sale is a relatively straight forward process and can be less complicated than navigating loan and closing processes utilized in traditional financing.

Finally, most real estate financial experts stress that short-term debt is best when purchasing Florida real estate for sale under an owner-financed deal. The sooner the land is paid off, the more quickly a buyer can move forward with whatever future plans are envisioned for the property, be it the development of a commercial entity, construction of a personal residence, or another desirable investment.

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