Owner Financing

Owner Financing Helps Everyone

ZadooLand.com is the market leader in owner financing of land - a popular alternative to traditional loans and investing options. We cut out the banks and middleman to connect those people who would like to invest in American land with the owners interested in selling their land... so everyone prospers!

How It Works

  • The buyer searches through ZadooLand.com's land inventory and selects the property or properties they would like to purchase.
  • The buyer will then select from the down payment options and loan terms available.
  • Once the down payment has been accepted, fixed monthly payments will be set up on a month recurring billing cycle.

Buyer Benefits

  • Watch your investment grow as the market appreciates
  • Leverage your buying power. Finance Investing allows you to purchase more with less money up front and more profit in the future
  • Be comfortable in the awesome customer service provided by ZadooLand.com
  • Remain confident in the payment process that saves you time and money set up though ZadooLand.com
  • Know that with Zadoo inventory, you are buying in the best areas that will give you the best return on investment (ROI)

More Information

For more information about our owner financing program, please don't hesitate to contact Donald Laegel at
(239) 333-2221 or click here to complete our online inquiry form.