Questions to ask When Purchasing the Perfect Property Lots for Sale!

Locating the perfect property lot for sale for building or real estate investments is a process, but can be quite rewarding in the end.  Buying raw property is generally less expensive than purchasing a home and when purchased for investing can create a higher ROI over time.  Selecting the right piece of property can be a challenge, but following these helpful hints will make the buying process streamlined.

  • Pick a few Properties to View: Mark them on a map.  It's a good idea to try and mark them in "lots" so that you drive to one area for one visit and then another area on another visit; that way you'll avoid huge drives in a single day or weekend and “property” viewing overload!  Be sure to include short sales and foreclosed land for sale
  • Call the seller: Once you’ve located the property that really suits your fancy, give the seller a call.  Have a list of questions prepared to ask over the phone.  You can, of course, email your questions, but it's much better to actually talk to a seller and get direct answers.

Some key questions to ask:

  • Do the lots and acerage for sale have a water source, utilities, or restrictions?
  • Is the lot paid off?
  • Why are you selling?
  • Is there any available owner financing for purchase of the land?
  • Do any structures already exist on the land and do these structures all have building approvals?

One of the most important things to ask about first is whether there is a proven source of water on the land.  You'll also want to know if the land can support a septic system, and if it can be placed far enough away from the intended structure to avoid contaminating drinking water.  

The cost of drilling a well and installing a septic system will depend primarily on soil type, and the final price tag can vary widely as a result.

By now you’ve gathered the majority of the information you’ll need to make an informed purchase decision while buying property lots for sale.  At this point you are ready to consult with a real estate attorney or loan originator and get your purchase rolling.  Contacting a representative at is another great resource for making your land purchase and they can be reached at (239) 333-2221.

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