How to get Started Purchasing Real Estate Investments!

One of the most asked questions at is from people asking, “Where Do I Start with Real Estate Investments?”   Often it’s a new investor wanting to learn about real estate for investors, someone wanting to buy a house to rehab, a would-be developer seeking building lots.  The answer is the same for each: start at the beginning!  Investors can use the following tips to build a solid start in the real estate world.

Real Estate Principles:  It is strongly suggested that no matter what area of real estate investing, construction, development, etc. that you want to become involved in, that you take a class in Real Estate Principles if possible.  Understanding the various instruments used in real estate, (from title, grant deeds, notes, escrow, loan docs, etc.) will give you a tremendous amount of confidence in while purchasing real estate investments and a good foundation to begin your journey. 

Get to Know Your Local Real Estate Market:  There is no substitute for immersing yourself in your local market and learning about the available land for sale in the area.  Read the classifieds, pick up real estate books at the supermarket, search online, visit with local brokers, and get educated!  Look at what is listed for sale, and watch how long those listings are on the market, and find out what they sell for.  Also, learn more about the top sellers of real estate in the area as well as buyers.   Note the condition of houses, finishes, amenities, lot size, etc. All this information will help you learn how to compare homes. Though it may seem overwhelming, if you choose the market you are interested in, and watch every single property that comes up for sale or sells in that market, you will soon KNOW that market, which in turn will give you all the information you need to make successful dealing in that market, and how to price your properties to sell.

If you can put the time in to doing these things, no matter what area of real estate you decide to get into, you will have a very solid foundation on which to make successful purchases of real estate investments and build a profitable portfolio.  To learn more about how to get started in the investment process contact a qualified member of the investment team at (239) 333-2221.

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